Certified International Outbound Trainer Program

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Thought and action can transform anyone!

Inspired by this conviction, Leopard Hill was founded with a resolute mission to assist people in realizing their potential and living their dreams. Leopard Hill is now a premier training organization with its headquarters in Bangalore, India, with operations spanning all parts of Karnataka, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Mumbai, Pune, Goa and Washington DC.

The team at Leopard Hill believes that everyone is a genius! All they need is a spark that brings that extraordinary genius out. Over the years, Leopard Hill and its training partners have transformed the lives of thousands of people through excellence in corporate training and organizational leadership.

Leopard Hill’s corporate training division provides exceptional solutions to every organization to address their specific needs rather than offering a one-size-fits-all product. Our programs are impactful, systematic, practical and outcome oriented.

Our approach to training is one that is extremely realistic and is designed to ensure what participants discover can be applied in their practical day to day professional and personal life. Whether it is the niche modules or a completely custom designed program, every session strives to ensure that it results in tangible results and improved productivity that can be tracked and measured easily.

Through some of our partners, we consult into global organizations such as The World Bank, The International Finance Corporation, The International Monetary Fund and other international bodies offering executive coaching, strategic thinking and other services around the world.

Some of the outcomes of our programs include:

  • Increased loyalty in our participants towards their organization
  • Conscious growth and development
  • Challenges the paradigms of complacency
  • Creates a positive and stimulating culture
  • Eagerness to explore creative solutions to challenges
  • Leverage both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • Collaboration and coordination across teams
  • Stepping up to the plate as leaders irrespective of titles and formal responsibilities
  • Healthy projection of accomplishments
  • Succession planning at all levels without job insecurity
  • Organizational growth due to individual realization of true potential

Leopard Hill believes in walking the talk and as such everyone in the organization live the principles they recommend to people and have earned the trust of the people they impact.

Why Choose Us

Leopard Hill is a global corporate and life skills training company operating out of Bangalore, India. We are a group with decades of experience in diverse industry domains. We believe in making learning an enjoyable experience through our innovative methods of delivery.

  • Experienced professionals from various industries
  • Certified trainers who have undergone an extensive train-the-trainer program
  • Believe in a visual and engaging approach with activities
  • Right mix of facilitation and participant driven approach
  • Focused on practical applications in personal and professional life
  • Offer standard or customized programs
  • Encourage participants to act on the program take aways in real life situations
  • Assist in evaluating effectiveness of our programs

What Clients Say

The facilitator conducted a session on communication between patients and doctors for our consultants. The content was very pertinent, crisp and presented with clarity. The doctors were very happy participating and enjoyed the session. Their feedback was extremely positive!
Dr. Nandakumar Jairam - Chairman and Group Medical Director, Columbia Asia Hospitals, India

You are an excellent trainer who took the time to research and understand the needs of our target audience! The training pedagogy you administer, which is completely customized to the needs of the audience, is very appreciable. You are energetic, inspirational, humorous, resourceful and a passionate trainer. Your training is more practical application oriented rather than the bookish training! You delivered precisely what our team needed!

“You captured the minds of our participants and have greatly influenced their professional careers as well as personal lives. I would like to commit that you have made a difference in my life also! I am sure people go home with concrete resolutions after attending your programs!”

Manager - Human Resources, India Development Center of a US based software company

The Outbound Experiential Team Building program was a great experience for the participants! Thank you for the wonderful experience our team had!

Remya Raj - Manager of Learning Services, ITC Windsor - Bangalore's top 5 star luxury old world heritage hotel

Our team had a fantastic experience! And thank you for the detailed observations & actionable! Both the facilitators were just great!!

Manager of Learning Services, Bangalore's top 5 star luxury hotel that embodies the splendors of nature