About Us

"Creative thinking and massive action can transform anyone!"

Inspired by this conviction, we founded Leopard Hill with a resolute mission to assist people in realizing their potential and living their dreams. LHGL is a premier training organization with its headquarters in Bangalore, India, with operations spanning all parts of Karnataka, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Goa and Washington DC. We are a group of training professionals with decades of rich experience from the Life Skills, IT, Sales, Real Estate, Hospitality and Healthcare sectors who have over the years transformed the lives of thousands of people through excellence in corporate training and organizational leadership.

Our Mission

To help develop individuals and teams as we strongly believe personal development of its people is the right growth path for an organization!

Our Philosophy

"Success is measured by the number of lives one has touched in the world!"

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Leopard Hill Global Learning

Registered Office: 154 AECS Layout, Sanjaynagar Main Road, Sanjaynagar, Bangalore 560094, Karnataka, India

Corporate Office: 22 GMR Layout, Geddalahalli, Sanjaynagar Main Road, Sanjaynagar, Bangalore 560094, Karnataka, India

Phone: +91 9972526273

Email: info@LeopardHill.in
Web: www.LeopardHill.in

Outbound Program + Annual Team Outing for ITC Gardenia Bangalore on Saturday 20th September 2014 at Cherry Trees Resort

Inaugural Seminar on “The Art of Meaningful Communication” by Anthony Crowley

Inaugural Seminar on
“The Art of Meaningful Communication” by Anthony Crowley

We would like to invite you to the company launch of Leopard Hill Global Learning, a corporate and life skills training company with its headquarters in Bangalore and operations in Karnataka, Hyderabad, Chennai, Goa, Mumbai, Cochin and Washington DC!
“Success is measured by the number of lives you […]


Luck is nothing but the meeting point of your alertness and all the opportunities passing by – Aporesh Acharya

This is to have succeeded..

Pursuit of Happiness

The key to happiness is wanting what you have..
– Tony Crowley


You WIN some; you LEARN some!

Why the name “Leopard Hill”?

We have often been asked about why our company is called Leopard Hill Global Learning. There’s an interesting story behind the name which we’d like to share with everyone here.
One bright afternoon, after completing a training program in the central district, a few of us decided to get away from bustling Bangalore for a few hours. […]

Masters of IITD Bangalore Certified Master Trainer Program!

The exceptionally talented first batch of master graduates of Indian Institute of Training & Development (IITD) Bangalore Certified Master Trainer Program! Wonderful group of passionate trainers! Pleasure and honor to be part of such a fantastic group!


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