More often than not, we tend to dig deep into the pages of history or geography seeking great souls from whom we can derive some inspiration to feed our drive to keep going further and faster. Nothing wrong with it, but then there is greatness all around us which is in no way lesser and in many cases is easier to relate to and seek motivation from since it is in our own time and space. 

One of the great inspirers some of us at Leopard Hill have tremendous respect for and look up to is Ms. Malini. She is a lady who has been blessed with a miraculously melodious voice which she has nurtured through years of practice to become a truly gifted classical singer! She has enthralled audiences with her singing at many cultural events in and around Bangalore. She has dedicated her life to passing on her talent to the next generation as a music teacher at the BEL school for many years. One of her great passions she actively pursues is navigating in car rallies and she has won many trophies over several events in Southern India. 

What makes Malini an extraordinary person is the indomitable fighting spirit in her which has not stopped her from pursuing excellence in everything she does despite being completely blind since the age of 12. Those who had the pleasure of listening to her songs or drive when she navigated in a car rally, know that her inability to see is only something that seems to bother others – it has never held Malini back from singing from her heart or feeling the adrenaline rush in a blind rally!

Maliniji – you are an immense source of inspiration to all of us and we are blessed to know someone like you! May your soulful song and drive keep you going forever and ever…