Creativity, Time Management & Team Work from Movie Making

Break out the popcorn!

This entertaining module was designed by us to reflect on creativity, time management and team work using movie making as its central theme. Movie making and weddings are two massive projects that require the application of all known forms of life skills. Participants embark on a journey that takes them through idea to action, creativity that can turn the world upside down, the thin line of time management and the team of hundreds of experts behind the scenes that gives a block buster movie. At the end of this program, participants will get to create a plot, pen the script, direct and act in a movie!Brigade Group Showtime Team Presentation

Before the curtain draws on this program, participants watch clips from several movies and draw inspiration around the concepts of:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • One idea that can create or transform a company or the world for that matter
  • Catching the thoughts before they disappear down the other ear
  • Lights, camera…ACTION!
  • Punctuality, multitasking and TIME = MONEY
  • Team behind the hero’s rise to fame
  • Hit is a result of each team member reaching excellence