Program Delivery Options

Delivery Models

1. Accelerated Learning Model

This gives you the flexibility to choose the capsules that are most relevant and appropriate to your team and we deliver it over one, two or three consecutive days based on the number of capsules needed. Each capsule will be designed to be delivered over half a day. This option is ideal if there are several groups or teams that need to be trained on the same set of skills rapidly so everyone is on the same playing field.

2. Application & Impact Model

This model comprises of 12 half day sessions delivered over a span of three months. It provides the benefit of a quick delivery while at the same time offering participants an opportunity to apply the concepts covered in their professional and personal life over a week and derive the maximum impact. It also gives the facilitator an insight into how participants are deriving a lasting benefit from the program and adjust the individualized approach appropriately.

3. Sustained Growth Model

If your strategic vision is the sustained long term growth of the pillars of your organizations, then this model is perfect for you! It comprises of one full packed workshop day every month over a span of a year. Each capsule is covered in greater depth – at the foundational level and at an advanced over an entire day. This also gives a participant an opportunity to engage the facilitator and other participants in real life scenarios where the learning is applied and any challenges that they need assistance in overcoming to leverage the maximum impact of the program. Participants also get to take up assignments which require them to apply the learning points at work and at home and submit a report that describes the approach and benefits derived from it.