Our Custom Capsules

Apart from our standard program offerings, we have numerous accelerated capsules that we can combine to provide a completely customized program for your organization based on your training needs and delivery preferences.


Behavioral Interviewing

We look at what leads to wrong hiring, candidate personality profiling, traditional versus behavioral interviewing, questioning methodology, competency mapping and the STAR model.

Belief Systems & Positive Attitude

We examine the ingredients of successful execution, formation of the belief system, types of beliefs, dual operating system of the human brain, POS & NOS, unlearning and reprogramming of limiting beliefs and developing a winning attitude.

Business Writing

Covers types of business correspondence, structure and use, styles of writing, composing business letters, writing emails, nuances of report writing and effective business communication.

Coaching & Mentoring

Looks at significance of coaching and mentoring teams to high levels of performance, the observe/listen/ask model, goal setting and assessment, strengthening relationships, and the best practices, processes and tools to effectively mentor individuals and teams.

College to Corporate

Designed to bridge the vast gap between what companies seek and what colleges produce. Session covers the interpersonal skills, attitude, communication, problem solving, creativity and leadership potential that companies want and assists students in developing these skills.

Creative Problem Solving for Leaders

Very popular module! Flips the way participants look at problems and trains them to see the opportunity beneath. Encourages breaking down of the ‘box’ through the application of creative techniques that lead to innovative solutions for individuals and teams.

Customer Relationship & Loyalty

Designed by our experts who have been in this field for several decades, this capsule begins with identifying the ‘real’ customer, what customers really want, focusing the energies of your team at outstanding service, monitoring and proactive interaction with customers, the power shift in the area of customer service, the evolution from customer service to delight to ecstasy.

Decision Making Skills for Executives

Examines components involved in decision making, reviews some of the traditional decision making models and then jumps into innovative decision making approaches that executives who live on the edge can adopt and leadership models that are closely related to making right decisions.

Developing High Performance Teams

Covers characteristics of HPT, roles and responsibilities, understanding of working styles through personality assessment models, stages of group development and value based intrinsic motivation.

Effective Communication Skills for Leaders

Difference between managerial communication and leadership communication, inspiring communication, clarity of vision & mission and communication that unifies diverse teams.

Email & Telephone Etiquette

Managing perception through emails and telephone, tools and techniques of clear and professional communication through emails and calls, etiquette and expectations.

Emerging Leaders

Leading self, leading others, provide a positive environment, motivating teams, personality types, leadership styles, transactional leadership and transformational leadership.


Our most powerful program yet – on the anatomy of success, types of people, what holds people back from success, foundation of great relationships, power of focus and goals, unlearning/relearning beliefs and finally highlights the significance of Emotional Intelligence in today’s complex personal and professional lives.

Emotional Intelligence

Why EQ is more critical than IQ, managing our own emotions, understanding others emotions, managing others emotions, anger management, emotional hijacking, channelize energy and enthusiasm.

Interpersonal Skills

Working in harmony with others, nurturing managing relationships, laws of influencing people, collaboration and interdependence and conflict resolution.

Lessons from Movie Making

We examine Creativity, team work and time management that goes into the art of movie making – both onscreen and behind the scenes. Ends with participants making a short film applying what the program covered!

Negotiation & Conflict Management

Master the art of persuasion, striving for a win-win by applying the strategies and tools for successful business negotiations.

Outbound Team Building Program

In this experiential learning model, we place teams in situations where they have to apply interpersonal skills, team work, decision making, creativity and leadership to succeed in challenging tasks. The debriefing allows the team to reflect on what they did, could have done and should have done. It compels them to find parallels to the learning in their day to day life and apply it.

Patient Communication for Healthcare Professionals

The relationship between patients and physicians/healthcare professionals hinges on the effectiveness of the communication between them. This exclusive program looks at expectations from patients in a changing world of consumerism, best practices to patient centric practice, handling difficult patients and delicacy of end of life conversations.

Presentation Skills

The effectiveness of a presentation can lead to a win or a loss for a leader. Master the finer points of great presentations while avoiding what puts off audiences, conveying the crux of the matter and shaping opinions to garner support from your audience.

Stress Management

Know stress before it is obvious, causes for stress, what it affects, its consequences, avoid/reduce stress at the workplace and at home, managing stress in others and directing stress in a positive direction.

Time Management

Covers prioritization, punctuality, delegation, ways to combat procrastination, adding an extra hour to your day, leveraging the principles of time compounding, managing deliverables and expectations.

Transformational Leadership

Leading others to leading leaders, leading divisions and organizations, leadership models, leadership styles, transactional leadership and transformational leadership, when to leverage which model.

Train the Trainer

Understanding audiences, instructional strategies and methodologies, designing programs, inspiring application of knowledge, information sharing while packaging it with entertainment, motivating for touching excellence.

Work-Life Balance

The juggling act, short term and long term implications of balancing, dependency between personal and professional life, dreams and ambitions and quality time versus quantity.