Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

40 hours intensive “Train the Trainer” programTrain the trainer 2

Why do some trainers consistently create outstanding results while others struggle to communicate their ideas? Why is it that some trainer’s lessons are understood and remembered and have a lasting impact while others strain even to hold the attention of their audience?

Training or Teaching is no easy task. It’s a form of art; one that requires craft, creativity, mastery of specific skills and intelligence. Like any other professional activity, training or teaching requires cultivated ability.

Our Train the Training is an intensive and demanding training program designed for professional trainers, lecturers, teachers and professors. The aim is not just enhancing training skills but to bring about a qualitative shift in the way one thinks, reflects, manages time and creates excellence in a classroom.

Benefits to the participants include improved results in achieving learning objectives, improved commitment and motivation, a more positive and engaging classroom atmosphere and a greater inner drive for touching excellence.

Train the Trainer covers:Train the trainer 4

  • Understanding the learner’s experience
  • Gaining attention & sustaining interest in the classroom
  • Relating to and motivating difficult students
  • Managing classroom stress
  • Enhancing retention and application of knowledge
  • Creativity and innovation in the classroom
  • Instructional strategies and methodologies
  • Power of enthusiasm and its effect
  • Framework for continuously improving the effectiveness of communication and presentation skills
  • Effectively managing time in the classroom