Coaching and Mentoring

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Coaching and mentoring are learning relationships which help people take charge of their own development, realize their true potential and obtain results which are in alignment with the values and goals. Leopard Hill offers coaching and mentoring services to both individuals and corporate teams in the US and India from our specialist in this field – Tony Crowley. Tony’s coaching method is non-traditional and non-academic, yet its roots go back to the ancient Gaelic tradition of Anam Cara. This Gaelic phrase means soul friend; it embodied the concept of mentoring back in the sixth century, in the days of the first Irish saints.

Tony’s coaching addresses the whole person, the intellectual and the physical, and the social and the spiritual. He focuses on achieving a balanced life in which no one area dominates to the detriment of the whole. All sessions are conducted in person or through video calls, one on one, and are always confidential.

Note that as the relationship between coach and client matures, each client will be inspired to take what he or she needs from the experience and wisdom of the coach and leave the rest. It is the client who determines what aspects of the coaching should be integrated into their lives.



Tony brings enthusiasm, honesty and integrity to his work. His approach is fresh and thought-provoking. You won’t be disappointed!
K D M, KAM Associates

Whether from Mars or Venus, too many on earth today seek guidance on how to find peace with themselves so they can better live with their families and loved ones. Tony Crowley is an inspirational speaker who engages and motivates his audiences to find ways to work with each other, and more… to find comfort and joy in doing so.

F S, Jr. M.Div., J.D., National Foundation for Cancer Research

I am forever amazed by Tony Crowley. He reminds me how I may become a better person by his example, not just by his words. I am forever grateful for having him in my life!

G B, Queensland, Australia