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Traditional Training Opportunities Are Decreasing

The training industry has attracted thousands of passionate professionals towards it. But training assignments are dwindling due to cuts and more supply than demand. Training positions are also being automated through LMS and online courses. But one area of training continues to be the Holy Grail - Outbound programs!

4 Flash Facts

1. Easier approval of Outbound programs: It is 4 times easier to get a client to approve an Outbound program proposal than a traditional one.

2. Participants love outbound programs: Participants prefer an outbound program  4 times more than a classroom session. 

3. More effective learning: Outbound experiential learning is 4 times more impactful than traditional learning models. 

4. Acute shortage of outbound facilitators: Shockingly, surveys show that only 4 out of 100 trainers can conduct an effective outbound program.

There are hardly any companies or trainers who conduct an outbound train the trainer program

The few that do teach it either charge an exorbitant amount ranging from 50,000 to one lakh rupees.

Or they conduct a superficial program focused on conducting activities.

An outbound program is not just about games and activities conducted in an open space. It is so much more!

Leopard Hill presents a comprehensive and exclusive two-day residential Certified International Outbound Trainer (CIOT) Program on the outskirts of Bangalore, India on 22nd & 23rd July 2017!

CIOT Modules

The program pedagogy will include a balance of concepts, case studies and actual activities that we will guide you into conducting.

Program Venue

The program venue, Camp Shristi, is located 60 kms outside Bangalore. It is a picturesque camp perfect for outbound nestled in a lush green forest surrounded by hills on all sides.

You will see peacocks dancing and deer crossing as you get to this hidden paradise which has been created specifically for outbound.

There are a wide range of over 60 activities that have been setup at the camp ranging from a 600 meters zip line, rappelling, giant swing and dynamic obstacle course.​​ 

Camp Shristi is not a hotel or a resort​. It is a retreat that blends with nature in perfect harmony. 

Who is the Program For?

The CIOT program is for all professionals who want to either add outbound programs to their repertoire or want to conduct experiential learning programs for their own people. The program is recommended for:

  • Training professionals
  • HR Professionals
  • L & D Managers
  • Training Heads
  • Behavioral Consultants
  • Organizational Leaders
  • Department Heads
  • Team Leads and Managers

It's Not Just a Program

CIOT is not just a program - it is a COMPLETE SYSTEM that you can duplicate to conduct highly effective outbound programs in any country in the world. 

It took our team several months to create and design this system. Our experiences with dozens of clients over hundreds of programs have gone into it.

Everybody told us not to conduct this program so that the circle of outbound trainers remains small. Then they told us to price it high so that only a few trainers participate in it. All the trainers in our team learnt outbound because one of the world's best outbound trainers, a retired army colonel, taught us. We want to share what we learnt with a few passionate and committed trainers like you to pass on the baton.

What's Included

We will take care of all the logistics so you can just focus on taking away as much as you can from the experience.

The all inclusive program cost covers:

Two-way transportation between the city and the camp

Accommodation in comfortable luxury tents with attached bathrooms on triple sharing

Beverages, snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner - both veg and non-veg

Over 12 hours of intensive learning through activities on each day

Campfire with music, dancing, fun events and barbecue to end the day on a high

Comprehensive training reference material that cover all the ten modules in detail

Globally recognized Certificate issued from Leopard Hill Global Learning USA, LLC

Special Bonuses

And that's not all...here are a few bonuses to make it even better for you!


Bonus 1:

Our team will support you in planning and designing the first three outbound programs you conduct as a certified international outbound trainer

Bonus 2:

You will be introduced to our team of safety and support experts at the camp who you can work with on your future programs at the venue

Bonus 3:

You will be offered the same preferred pricing that the venue offers us for our programs

Bonus 4:

You will be a part of our exclusive close knit community of Leopard Hill outbound trainers who will work with each other as a team and also share experiences

Bonus 5:

We will provide you the forms, templates and reports of our system that you can use in your own programs

Bonus 6:

You can conduct your programs under the brand of Leopard Hill if a client insists on working with a global organization - you just need to meet our safety and quality criteria

Glimpses of our Outbound Programs

What Participants Say About Our Programs

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“The outbound experiential program was a great experience for the participants! Thank you for the wonderful experience our team had!”

- Manager of learning services at Bangalore's top 5-star luxury old world heritage hotel.
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“You are an excellent trainer who took the time to research and understand the needs of our target audience! The training pedagogy you administer, which is completely customized to the needs of the audience, is very appreciable. You are energetic, inspirational, humorous, resourceful and a passionate trainer. Your training is more practical application oriented rather than the bookish training! You delivered precisely what our team needed!”

- Senior Manager of Human Resources of a MNC

The Program Facilitators

Madhukar Raj

[Trainer Profile of Madhukar Raj]

Madhukar Raj is a passionate International Speaker and Trainer who has impacted over 25,000 people around the world. He specializes in conducting outbound experiential learning programs. He also coaches individuals and teams towards peak performance as an ICF Certified Success Coach and Certified Management Coach. He is the Founder & CEO of Leopard Hill Global Learning.

Madhu spent several decades working for and heading organizations in India, Barbados and the United States. He has served clients in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. He coaches individuals in developing into global leaders and in improving their personal relationships, career planning, wealth creation, publishing books, becoming training professionals and entrepreneurial excellence.

Madhu has authored four personal, professional and organizational development books (one of them is on facilitating outbound experiential learning programs) that are scheduled to be released worldwide over the next 11 months.

Linda Lucas
Social Psychologist specializing in people empowerment

Linda Lucas, BS, MSc is a Social Psychologist specializing in people empowerment. She works with corporates, educational institutions and the hospitality industry around the world in developing interpersonal skills and increasing staff productivity.

Linda attained her MSc in Social Psychology from The London School of Economics which is among the top ranked educational institutes for the social sciences worldwide. She was a Course Associate in Psychology at the renowned Tavistock Institute in London. She was Director of Lucas Research in New York City for twenty years. She was also involved in the Youth Research Forum based in London.

Linda's expertise is soft skills specializing in communication, conflict resolution and creativity. She also conducts cultural competency workshops. She is currently the Director of Foresee International and also a Training Partner at Leopard Hill Global Learning USA, LLC.

Linda, who is from Manhattan, New York, has extensive experience in facilitating programs and coaching clients all over the world. She will be sharing her insights on facilitation skills and interacting with participants in the US, Europe and Asia over live or online programs. 

20 Key Benefits of the CIOT Program

After you complete the Certified International Outbound Trainer program, you will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of experiential learning models and stages and also learn what outbound and experiential learning is and is not
  • Learn how to present and pitch outbound programs effectively to clients
  • Conduct a thorough outbound training needs analysis (OTNA)
  • ​Smoothly plan and co-ordinate all program logistics with your own outbound team helping you
  • ​Prepare and procure the right equipment and props needed for the program
  • ​Establish a clear understanding with participants on what you expect from each other
  • ​Execute any of over 40 outbound activities while keenly observing participants for specific behavior
  • Plan and execute concurrent activities for participants in multiple batches
  • Link the experiential learning with the participants’ workplace tasks seamlessly
  • Leverage your program's success to win the next assignment with the client
  • Understand the areas of impact of outbound learning
  • Structure your payment model for a win-win
  • ​Set clear expectations with client stakeholders on what can and cannot be achieved through an outbound program
  • ​Design a customized outbound program specific to your client's needs
  • ​Adhere to the highest safety standards by preparing for all eventualities and also protecting yourself from indemnity
  • ​Brief, review, debrief and provide feedback to participants at each activity like a pro
  • ​Throw in variations, surprises and concessions in each activity to enhance learning
  • Expertly use questioning and facilitation techniques to lead participants towards their own learning
  • Obtain concrete commitments from participants on the application of learning
  • Confidently conduct outbound programs anywhere in the world

Program Investment



Total Investment

INR 20,000

INR 3,600

INR 23,600

Quick Action Taker Offer

At Leopard Hill, we believe in and love taking quick action. As such, we have a special offer for participants who act decisively and believe in investing in their learning.

We want to take in only a few participants as we don't want to saturate the outbound industry with a lot of trainers either. Yet, our team made a decision to make this program affordable to all trainers. 

If you register as a group of 2 or more right now, you can avail a group discount offer of just INR 9,900 plus GST per participant! That's 50% off!

If you register right now, you can avail of a highly discounted offer of INR 13,500 plus GST. That's 30% off if you act right now!

Here's a super special offer - ONE early action taker will be chosen as the winner of Leopard Hill's "Best Learner of the Program" award. The award includes a trophy, certificate and hold your breath - a 100% refund of their investment! Winning this award should be a piece of cake for a good trainer. Only early action takers will qualify for this award. 

A Few More Testimonials

“Our team had a fantastic experience! And thank you for the detailed observations & actionable! Both the facilitators were just great!”

- Manager of learning services - Bangalore's top 5-star luxury hotel that embodies the splendors of nature
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I really think you have under-priced this. This content is way beyond rich!”

- Dhivya, Participant of one of our public programs
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Return On Your Investment

As with any other fields, what general trainers make in a month, specialists make in a week and super specialists make in a single day!

Outbound is a niche area of super specialization in learning and development. Outbound trainers make anywhere from 16,000 to 1.5 lakh rupees per day. Most of our trainers at Leopard Hill invested a significant amount, running into several lakhs, in obtaining their Master Trainer Certification. Some had to borrow funds from others to join the program. Today they earn their investment by conducting just one weekend program!  While we don't want to make promises, you may be able to recover your investment on this program by conducting just one Outbound program - even as a co-trainer. 

Act now to join our exclusive community as a


We guarantee that you will leave with loads of learning, heaps of fun, high adventure, value for your investment and friends for life!

Last few early action taker spots left! If you do not register quickly, you may miss out on the early action taker offer and the chance to do this program for free!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed