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Life is simple at its core. But we as an evolving intelligent species, have complicated it to such an extent that just living life requires skills to be acquired and developed. Whether it is in personal life or professional career, turmoil and conflict (some of which we have illustrated in the slide show above) have become the norm rather than being the exception. Leopard Hill provides training solutions to individuals, educational institutions, government bodies and organizations in the areas of corporate and life skills development.

These services are provided through public workshops, onsite training programs, offsite training programs, outbound off site programs, e-learning, webinars, and online virtual training.

 Leopard Hill Global Learning’s 4 dimensional approach towards Outbound Experiential Learning programs makes it an unique and result oriented workshop. The program offers a perfect platform for a team to real­ize and actualize their power within and being together. The workshop is filled with challenging games, group dynamics, role plays, performance and discussion based activities that are time tested and help participants to open up and deal with their fears, uncomfortable areas, break egos and to demonstrate their strong abilities.

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Leopard Hill conducts one day and two day public programs which provide a platform for participants from diverse organizations on Transformational Leadership, Leadership for Managers, Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making, Empower, Negotiation, Behavioral Interviewing etc. This allows participants to learn from each other and also network with like minded professionals. It also gives an organization to nominate a few participants at a time to the program without disrupting the work deliverables.

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Leopard Hill provides customized solutions to its customers after conducting a thorough Training Needs Assessment. These programs can comprise of topics such as Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making, Communication Skills, Patient Communication for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals, Presentation Skills, Business Communication, Public Speaking, Positive Thinking, Behavioral Interviewing, Time Management, Stress Management, etc. Leopard Hill also provides training related content development assistance.

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Leopard Hill provides personality development programs to educational institutions to make students employable by bridging the chasm between what the corporate world expects from freshers. These programs also include Interviewing and Group Discussion workshops apart from highlighting what companies look for in attitude, technical ability and interpersonal skills from freshers.

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Leopard Hill’s Niche Programs



Personality Enhancement Program (PEP) is a 40 hours program that is scientifically designed to train participants in leadership and all the critical soft skills that helps them develop the right attitude to reach excellence. The program expands their comfort zone, builds their self confidence and sets them down the path to success and happiness in their professional and personal life. PEP not only transforms the participants but also helps them transform those around them by being a role model and a source of motivation for others. PEP is one of our most sought after training programs, by both professionals as well as students, as it inspires participants to seek a continuous self improvement even after the program has concluded as it opens their mind to intrinsic value based motivation.PEP

PEP comprises of 13 modules that cover essential skills such as:

  • Self awareness and self regulation
  • Belief system and power of positive attitude
  • Effective communication skills
  • Public speaking and Presentation skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Stress and Time management
  • Creativity
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Leadership and motivating people

One power packed day can redefine your life! This unique one day workshop is designed to define the secrets of success, master the art of relationships, reconstruct your belief system and unveil the significance of emotional intelligence in shaping our destiny.

Empowerment is the realization of the possibilities within each of us. Leopard Hill’s premier one day life transformational attitudinal workshop – Empower, helps participants study the thoughts and habits of successful people, unlearn wrong learning, re-frame limiting beliefs and unlock the potential within each of us. The outcome is the confidence and mindset to take life head on and strive for excellence while settling for nothing short of the extra mile.


Empower includes:

  • Change + Growth = Success
  • Forming and overcoming of limiting beliefs
  • Will power and the power of focus
  • 6As of relationships and the secret to happy relationships
  • Excellence and the magic in the extra mile
  • Emotional Intelligence – EQ vs IQ

This one day program is for those who have taken on management in a new role or who have been practicing it in the traditional form for a while. We turn the concepts of traditional transactional leadership on its head and look at an entirely alternate approach that is based on transforming those you lead and ensure that it lasts.Transformational Leadership for Managers

This program delves into:

  • Defining leadership
  • Examine the traits of a leader and what a leader is not
  • Types of leadership and personality styles
  • Leading and coaching motivated teams
  • Born leaders versus self made leaders
  • Balancing leadership tasks and people
  • Walking the talk
  • Transactional vs transformational leadership
  • Thought leadership and leading change

This is a one day program that was exclusively designed by us to reinforce the core principles of patient communication for physicians and healthcare professionals. It analyzes the best practices to adopt despite hurdles in a world where patients now see healthcare as a service similar to hospitality.Patient Physician Communication Program

The highlights of this program are:

  • Core concepts of patient-centric communication, relationship and practice
  • Grooming and image management
  • Personality types of patients
  • Dealing with angry patients
  • End of life care conversations
  • Inpatient communication
  • Outpatient communication
  • Praxis experiential learning model applied to patient care
Break out the popcorn!

This entertaining module was designed by us to reflect on creativity, time management and team work using movie making as its central theme. Movie making and weddings are two massive projects that require the application of all known forms of life skills. Participants embark on a journey that takes them through idea to action, creativity that can turn the world upside down, the thin line of time management and the team of hundreds of experts behind the scenes that gives a block buster movie. At the end of this program, participants will get to create a plot, pen the script, direct and act in a movie!Brigade Group Showtime Team Presentation

Before the curtain draws on this program, participants watch clips from several movies and draw inspiration around the concepts of:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • One idea that can create or transform a company or the world for that matter
  • Catching the thoughts before they disappear down the other ear
  • Lights, camera…ACTION!
  • Punctuality, multitasking and TIME = MONEY
  • Team behind the hero’s rise to fame
  • Hit is a result of each team member reaching excellence